Protein Synthesis

2. a series of three mRNA nucleotides that codes for an amino acid
3. coded for by DNA and made of amino acids
7. process of assembling amino acids into polypeptides in the ribosomes
9. RNA that copies DNA in the nucleus
10. use to translate mRNA transcripts into proteins
11. UGA, UAA, and UAG codons
12. RNA that carries amino acids to be linked together to make proteins
15. site of transcription
1. both DNA and RNA are these types of compounds
2. where ribosomes are found
4. series of three bases on tRNA that code for an amino acid
5. base on RNA that replaces thymine
6. holes in the nuclear membrane where mRNA leaves to move to the ribosome
8. methionine codon (AUG)
13. RNA that makes up ribosomes along with proteins
14. site of protein synthesis