AP Unit 4 Genetics Study Guide


                          Unit IV   Genetics Study Guide     

  • Be able to determine the probability of getting a number by rolling a pair of dice.
  • Be able to work monohybrid crosses for complete and incomplete dominance and show genotypes, phenotypes, and ratios.
  • Be able to work dihybrid crosses and determine genotypes, phenotypes, and ratios.
  • Be able to explain and give examples of codominance, epitasis, polygenic inheritance, sex-linked inheritance….
  • Be able to work a problem on colorblindness.
  • Be able to list and explain Mendel’s laws of heredity.
  • Be able to discuss Morgan, Sutton, and Sturtevant’s contributions to the understanding of chromosomal inheritance.
  • Be able to define linkage and explain how it interferes with independent assortment.
  • Be able to predict the probability of a genotype occurring for a cross involving 4 traits. (Rule of Multiplication)
  • Be able to name and describe a genetic defect caused by nondisjunction of sex chromosomes.