Birds & Mammals Study Guide BI

Birds & Mammals Study Guide

What replaces teeth in modern birds?
How many chambers are there in a bird’s heart? a mammal’s heart?
Name 2 vertebrate groups that lay amniote eggs?
Did all fossilized birds have beaks? Explain.
Do most terrestrial vertebrates use internal or external fertilization?
Which mammal group carries its young in a pouch?
What mammal order lives entirely in water?
What characteristic of retile, bird, & mammal skin allows them to live on land?
Give several uses for hair or fur in mammals.
Name 2 main characteristics of all mammals.
What determines the type of teeth a mammal will have?
What group of mammals are egg layers?
What is the purpose of the placenta?
List several ways that birds are different from reptiles.
What were the earliest flying vertebrates?
From what group did birds probably arise?
Besides amniote eggs & living on land, name another way reptiles & birds are alike?
What group of mammals remain inside the mother until they are completely developed?
What mammal group has forelimbs modified into flippers?
What type of teeth are found in deer?
Name 2 sirenians.
What mammal group is born immature & finishes developing in the mother’s pouch?
In what order are dogs found?
Give 2 uses for the sounds that bats make? Can humans hear these sounds?
Name 2 marsupial mammals.
Echidnas & duck billed platypus are what type of mammals?
What are monotremes?
What are placental mammals?
Feathers are modified __________.
Describe the bones of birds.
What is the purpose of the crop in birds?
Birds excrete their nitrogenous waste as ____________.
Why is a bird’s respiration so efficient?
What are talons & what is their function?
Do all songbirds produce songs? Explain.
Where is the diaphragm located in mammals? What is its purpose?
Give the function of the syrinx in birds.
Reptiles called therapsids gave rise to what vertebrate group?
What type of teeth would carnivorous mammals have?