Build a Cell

Use of our material:
This activity was created by Kelly Riedell for students in Biology class at Brookings High School. We have worked very hard on activities, Powerpoints/games/worksheets, etc to make this a resource for our students. If you are using our materials, please give us credit for our efforts by listing us as a source with links to our site.
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Students review by answering questions AND
by practicing what parts look like and their
location as they build their cell.

1. Make a copy of the question cards. and cut them apart
You will need a set of question cards for each group of 4
I make the sets different colors so the cards don’t get mixed up.

2. Print out the Build a cell game parts sheets.
Copy the blank cell page onto colored paper (1 for each student)
Copy off the cell parts pieces onto clear transparency sheets, cut out,  and place in
paper lunch bags. (1 lunch bag per game group with enough parts in it to make 4 cells.)
Using clear transparencies allows some cell parts to build on top of each other.
(Ex: nucleolus goes inside nucleus, ribosomes sit on top of Rough ER)

Students play in groups of 3-4. Each group has a lunch bag with cell parts pieces and a deck of question cards. Each student has his/her own blank cell score sheet. Students play by taking turns answering questions.  If they answer correctly, they get to pick a cell part from the lunch bag and place it on their cell scorecard in the correct place. If they get  it wrong they don’t get a part and the next student gets a turn.

First student to get all 9 cell parts into their cell is the winner.