Cell Division Study Guide BI

Cell Division Study Guide

What molecule contains the information needed to direct all the activities of a cell?
Where in a cell are prokaryotic chromosomes found? eukaryotic chromosomes?
A human somatic cell contains how many homologous chromosomes?
How many chromosomes are in an human egg cell? sperm cell?
What is a karyotype?
Are gametes diploid or haploid?
Zygotes will have what chromosome number?
Does cell division in bacteria take place in the same way as it does in eukaryotes? Explain.
In what stage do cells spend most of their life cycle?
Is mitosis asexual or sexual reproduction?
A new nuclear envelope develops during cell division in what stage?
In what stage do chromatids separate from each other?
How does the number of chromosomes in newly divided cells compare with the number of chromosomes in the original cell?
During what type of cell division do haploid cells develop from diploid cells?
In order for DNA to fit into a cell, what must be done to compact it?
What is a centromere?
How many chromosomes are in a human skin cell? a human ovum?
Bacteria reproduce by a method known as _____________  ______________.
What is the shape of a bacterial chromosome?
Chromosomes are arranged along the equator of a cell during which stage of cell division?
Spindle fibers are made of ________________.
Be able to recognize sketches of the stages of mitosis.
What happens during cytokinesis in a plant cell?
Homologs separate during ________________.