Cellular Respiration Study Guide BI



Cellular Respiration Study Guide
What type of organisms carry on photosynthesis?
What type of organisms carry on cellular respiration?
To get the most ATP from glucose, what type of respiration must follow glycolysis?
Does fermentation take place with oxygen?
Does oxidative respiration need oxygen?
Is glycolysis an efficient pathway for getting ATP (energy) from glucose? Explain.
Is oxidative respiration or aerobic respiration an efficient pathway fro getting ATP from glucose? Explain.
Is lactic acid fermentation aerobic or anaerobic?
When cells break down food, energy is temporarily stored in what molecule?
What energy molecule is essential for a cell to do any of its work?
What is the process called when organic compounds are broken down in the absence of oxygen?
What is the name of the process that breaks down food molecules in cells to release energy?
What gas is made during photosynthesis that is later used in cellular respiration?
What is the name of the process that splits glucose into pyruvate & releases some ATP?
What builds up in muscles when they are overworked and there is not enough oxygen present?
If lactic acid forms when glucose is broken down, this shows that there was not enough of what gas present?
What are the 2 main stages of cellular respiration called?
Citric acid forms during which part of cellular respiration?
Does glycolysis need oxygen?
What 2 energy carriers are formed during the Krebs cycle?
Is the Calvin cycle part of cellular respiration? Explain.
Is the energy carrier NADPH formed in cellular respiration? Explain.
Carbon dioxide, water, & ATP are formed during the _______ cycle and the ___________ chain.
Which produces more ATP — Krebs cycle & electron transport chain or glycolysis?
Water is formed at the end of _______________________.


Cell Division Study Guide BI

Cell Division Study Guide

What molecule contains the information needed to direct all the activities of a cell?
Where in a cell are prokaryotic chromosomes found? eukaryotic chromosomes?
A human somatic cell contains how many homologous chromosomes?
How many chromosomes are in an human egg cell? sperm cell?
What is a karyotype?
Are gametes diploid or haploid?
Zygotes will have what chromosome number?
Does cell division in bacteria take place in the same way as it does in eukaryotes? Explain.
In what stage do cells spend most of their life cycle?
Is mitosis asexual or sexual reproduction?
A new nuclear envelope develops during cell division in what stage?
In what stage do chromatids separate from each other?
How does the number of chromosomes in newly divided cells compare with the number of chromosomes in the original cell?
During what type of cell division do haploid cells develop from diploid cells?
In order for DNA to fit into a cell, what must be done to compact it?
What is a centromere?
How many chromosomes are in a human skin cell? a human ovum?
Bacteria reproduce by a method known as _____________  ______________.
What is the shape of a bacterial chromosome?
Chromosomes are arranged along the equator of a cell during which stage of cell division?
Spindle fibers are made of ________________.
Be able to recognize sketches of the stages of mitosis.
What happens during cytokinesis in a plant cell?
Homologs separate during ________________.