Chapter 2 – Chemistry Outline


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Chapter 2        Chemistry Outline
I. Composition of Matter
         A. Matter
  * 1.1  1. Makes up everything
             2. Occupies space & has mass
             3. Mass – quantity of matter making up an object
             4. Pull of gravity produces weight
             5. Chemical changes in matter necessary for life processes
   B. Elements and Atoms
           1. Pure substances that can’t be chemically broken down
           2. about 30 elements important to organisms
           3. Most common elements are C, H, O, N
           4. Symbols (1-2 letters) stand for elements
             5. May use Latin or Greek  e.g. Na – sodium (natrium)
*1.2 6. Simplest part of an element with the same properties
 C. Nucleus
           1.  Most of the mass
           2. Central part of an atom