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Darwin Trivia Game Questions:


When was Charles Darwin born?
What was the name of the ship on which he was the naturalist?
What islands were the main source of his findings?
What was the complete title of his original book?
What famous American president shares the same birth date?
How long was his voyage scheduled to last?

“Darwin Trivia Game”
The Galapagos Islands

Adaptations of the Galapagos Finches
 The “Missing” Link

Darwin “Fortune” Cookies
Darwin only took with him a simple microscope on the Beagle to observe microscopic organisms.
When Darwin was sixteen, his father took him out of school because he felt that Charles was wasting time, and he sent him to Edinburgh University.
Charles Darwin was born on February 12, 1809 in Shrewsbury, England.
Darwin transferred to Cambridge to study the theology of the Church of England wanting to become an Anglican priest.
“Changes From Within”

Lyrics & music by:  Nicole Higham
Sung by:  Brett Rabeneck, Bradley Wise, & Carrie Steves

Changes From Within
Verse 1:
Once I read a book, and this is what it said,
That the Origin of Species, came from Darwin’s head.
He studied all the life, from some islands of the west,
and distinguished adaptations, and who survived the best.
He was much more successful than scientists before,
And his use of common logic, convinced them even more.
And it read:
You take two monkeys, and you put them to the test,
Check out their different habitats, and see nature at its best.
According to Darwin, a species can begin,
From an individual that changes from within.

Verse 2:
Natural selection, a theory he derived
Sys the strongest just get stronger while the weakest don’t survive.
So he published his ideas, he was sort of in a bind
There was another man, who wasn’t far behind.
Their ideas were the same, their timing coincided,
But Darwin finished first, and in the glory he delighted.

Verse 3:
About all of his theory, that I choose to sing about
Some people think it’s true, while others have their doubts.
To me it’s quite reasonable, to have either point of view
But think about it carefully, no matter what you do.
For starters think about that which, you really do believe
For me this includes a little story about Adam and Eve.

2nd Chorus:
I appreciate your patience, as an audience you’ve been kind
I bet this kind of song, wasn’t what you had in mind
I’ll leave you with this list of things that really matter most,
There’s life and love and happiness, but first the Holy Ghost.

Burying a Darwin Day Time Capsule