DNA Technology


DNA Technology


Section 13-1

1. What is genetic engineering?

2. Give 2 ways it can be used.

3. What is the technology used in genetic engineering called?

4. What are some ways we are using DNA technology?

5. What are restriction enzymes?

6. When restriction enzymes cut DNA _____________________ ends are created.

7. What is a cloning vector?

8. Define plasmid & tell how they’re used in genetic engineering.

9. The gene for the protein ________________________ is made using bacterial plasmids.

10. What is the first step in genetically engineering insulin from bacterial cells?

11. What is a genomic library?

12. What is recombinant DNA?

13. A plasmid containing recombinant DNA is inserted into a host ____________called a _________________ organism.

14. Transgenic bacterium are placed in a _________________ where they reproduce and make large amounts of _____________.


Section 13-2 DNA Technology Techniques


15. What is a DNA fingerprint & how can they be used?

16. What is the method called that is used to make a DNA fingerprint?

17. Briefly describe the RFLP analysis method.

18. What is gel electrophoresis?

19. What causes DNA segments to separate during gel electrophoresis?

20. How accurate are DNA fingerprints & why?

21. If only a tiny amount of DNA is available for analysis, what process must be used & why?

22. With the PCR method, the amount of DNA _________________ every 5 minutes.

23. Give 3 situations in which PCR is useful.

24. What is the Human Genome Project?

25. Define gene therapy and name several diseases it may be used to treat.


Section 13-3 Uses of DNA Technology


26. Name 3 medicines produced by DNA technology.

27. Genetically engineered _________________________ are being produced to treat viral diseases.

28. Name several crops or plants that have had their yields increased due to genetic engineering.

29. _______________________ are applied to crops so plants will get enough nitrogen.

30. How are genetic engineers working to solve the problem of expensive fertilizers for crops?

31. What are some concerns about genetically engineered foods?