Echinoderm Study Guide B1

Echinoderm Study Guide


Know the answers to the following:


A water vascular system is a trait of?
Clams are the basic food for what echinoderm?
A sea star feeds by extending what?
A sea star’s endoskeleton is made of what type of plates?
What around the mouth of a starfish helps coordinate its movements?
Tube feet  are part of what echinoderm system?
The blastopore becomes the anus in what type of organism?
Are chordates & echinoderms protostomes or deuterostomes?
Echinoderms like the sea urchin have what type of symmetry?
Are echinoderms fast or slow moving organisms?
How do echinoderms move?
Echinoderm larva have what type of symmetry?
What are the muscular sacs that force water through the water vascular system called?
In what phylum are sea squirts or tunicates?
Tunicates have a leathery what?
What animals are in the class Ophiuroidea?
How do basket stars & brittle stars differ?
What is the purpose of spines on a brittle stars arms?
Name an adult echinoderm with bilateral symmetry.
Do humans have a tail at any point during their development?
What was the function of gill slits in early chordates?
What is the flexible tube below the nerve cord in chordates called?
Where are lancelets usually found?

Be able to label the parts of the water vascular system of a starfish.