Environment Problems As A Part Of Studying Biology

Our surroundings are undergoing shifts and modifications. With these shifts comes the need for awareness of the environmental problems driving these alterations. People must be cautious about how they live in conjunction with the different types of environmental issues our planet is facing. This is because there has been a massive increase in natural disasters and various weather patterns. This is because these things are all related to climate change. 

Biologists have great connections with our environment. They research and develop methods to preserve the natural world and assist people in leading more responsible lives. There are many factors about the environment that a student should know for their essays. Students can access environment essay example for inspiration in online libraries. These essay examples will inform them more about the condition of the environment. Also, these samples will expose how biology is very relevant to our environment. 

How the Study of Biology Can Help Reduce Problems Facing the Environment

To maintain the functionality of ecosystems, there is a need to address conservation challenges. Some examples include climate change, the spread of new diseases, and the destruction of habitats. It is necessary to maintain biodiversity to offer ecosystems that sustain human subsistence. It is vital to ensure the health and happiness of humans in a natural environment that preserves biodiversity. 

The effects of environmental degradation have already begun to have a severe impact on human sustenance and health. These issues have a direct correlation to economic success. The deterioration of agriculture in specific regions and the depletion of certain fisheries are environmental problems. All these can be related to the actions of humans. The following are a few ways Biology can save our environment and habitat. As a student, you should take note of these points as teachers note these when grading college papers. They include:


Biologists specializing in conservation are responsible for the preservation, administration, and oversight. They are in charge of the following natural resources on our land:

-Discovering how to curb pollution while keeping an eye on the living species sharing our environment.

-Using bioremediation, biologists study environmental toxins like oil spills. This is to see how they can be eliminated from land. For instance, certain bacteria found in soil can alter the molecular structure of hazardous hydrocarbons. Hence, converting them into non-hazardous carbon dioxide. In many locations, employing these bacteria has proven to be an effective method for cleaning fuel spills.

-Conducting chemical contamination tests on the air, water, and soil.

Ecologists in the field keep detailed records of environmental and natural habitat discoveries. They also record the quantity and quality of their habitats and any occuring changes that takes places. Biologists collaborate with members of the general public to save the environment. They make sure people use and appreciate land while also minimizing its adverse effects on the native flora and animals.

For instance, they may research the relationship birds share with plants. The results would be to inform farmers about the benefits of using plants as field borders. They may also guide the types of plants necessary to maintain native birds. Having these factors in mind is as essential as knowing how to spell for good grades.

Construction and Manufacturing

The vast majority of industrial activities impact on the surrounding environment. Laws that oblige industries to lessen their harmful effects on water, air and land should be in place. Biologists who work in industry can assist in planning road construction to ensure that wildlife areas aren’t destroyed. Also, they may be employed to restore land that has been damaged after mining activities. Both scenarios are examples of situations in which biologists may be involved.

Biologists offer guidance on the potential effects a project may have on the environment. In situations where a project will be executed despite the negative impact, ecologists bear the burden of relocating animal species to fresh habitats. They must ensure the creation of new habitats that are more suitable for them.


The natural environment has been altered to such a degree due to human activity. The result is that the continued existence of many ecosystems is now in jeopardy. Different descriptions show how changes in environmental patterns are associated with biological shifts. Biology may help students learn ecological knowledge and assist in developing a sense of environmental responsibility. They can also learn the skills necessary to protect it. Knowing these, they can write a good Biology research paper that encourages good teacher comments for students’ writing.

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