How To Write A Lab And Play Games At The Same Time 

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It goes without saying that when choosing between writing a lab report and playing games, everyone would opt for the second option. Unfortunately, it is often unattainable to put lab reports in a drawer and have some fun playing games, especially when you are snowed under with academic assignments.

Indubitably, it is effortless to find a person and ask them, “can you write my lab report quickly?” This way, you can keep leveling and gaining the necessary experience in the digital world. 

But what if we told you that you could incorporate writing a lab report and enjoying games? You may raise your eyebrow and think that’s impossible. And on the one hand, you’re right. Writing an essay, especially when it’s a lab report, requires much more than just coming up with the topic and researching. 

Be that as it may, you can at least try writing and playing at the same time. Sounds fun? So why don’t you give it a go? Below, you will find the necessary tips to make it work.

Writing a lab report: What you should know in advance

Of all college writing tasks, lab reports might be the most demanding. Apart from a structure (see below), a lab report should have an experiment to revolve around. In other words, a lab report is a paper that focuses on a specific experiment, laying out its methods, results, significance, and implications. 

Before you launch a game, you have to make sure everything needed to complete the task is in proximity to you. Most importantly, a carried-out experiment. Without it, you can’t write a lab report, as there would be no information to rely on in your paper. 

So, get your lab notes (most college lab reports require leading a lab notebook with notes), or ask your colleagues to provide you with ones and proceed with learning the report’s structure.

The structure of a lab report might be different in your academic institution, as every school reserves the right to modify the structure and citation style. However, it mostly remains unchanged, i.e., educational institutions use a typical structure and format. Therefore, labs usually comprise:




Materials and Methods






When it comes to the formatting style, it highly depends on the branch of science your report falls into. That is, Physics requires using AIP (American Institute of Physics), Biology, in turn, rests upon APA (American Psychological Association), Chemistry uses ACS (American Chemical Society), etc.

Once you are forearmed, it’s time to look at practical ways to complete the lab report and play games simultaneously.

Killing two birds with one stone: Playing games and writing a lab at once

Please remember one thing before reading the following tips. These methods can’t replace traditional writing approaches, meaning however focused you might think you are, you won’t generate as thoughtful a paper as it would end up without playing games. The reason is simple. People can’t concentrate on several tasks at once and demonstrate outstanding effectiveness. 

Besides, no matter what game you play, you will be prone to making mistakes because of focusing on the writing part. That was just FYI. Without further ado, here are five ways to play games and write a lab concurrently.

Shifting playing rounds with writing

Indeed, writing and playing don’t occur at the same time with this strategy, but it’s the best way to ensure quality. If you play games like Dota 2, LoL, or any other MOBA or MMORPG, you most probably have short breaks between matches or raids. You can use such time-outs to develop a title, write an introduction, or interpret the results. Of course, the writing procedure can be prolonged with this strategy. But again, it will make your report better and your game performance higher. 

Asking others to write what you say

Another option to write a lab report hands-free is to ask someone to write it for you while you play games. We all have friends that are ready to help us anytime. Undoubtedly, if they are willing to help, why not ask them? This way, you will have a draft by the end of your round. Or you may ask for assistance from a writing service like Essayshark, and they will cope with your tasks of any difficulty level.

Make losers work for you

Experiments are often done in pairs or groups. And when such a group is your team in a game, the writing task can turn out exciting and fun. You can make a little competition, where you all play a game like Street Fighter, Rocket League, or any multiplayer game you like. To include some challenge in a game and incentivize productivity, let winners get a little prize pool and losers write a lab report.

Talk now, write later

If you don’t want to put your burden on other people’s shoulders, use a recorder. It sure will sound odd, listening to your voice. But writing a lab report based on your recording is an excellent option.

Use a speech-to-text feature to draft your lab

Last but not least, make use of a speech-to-text feature. Google Docs has this option, allowing you to type a text freehand. Just turn the feature, run the game, and start talking on the topic. Be careful, though; the feature is sensitive for every word, so whenever you shout at your teammates or opponents, remember that all your comments will be included in the paper. 

Write lab report sticking to the plan

When you know how to write the lab report step by step, you can easily plan time for each action. For example, you need to write a lab report in a few days. You can do the research and create a plan on the first day and spend the remaining time on games and other activities. Plan other days in the same way till the deadline. It will help you stay efficient with writing and, at the same time, not feel frustrated with rushing to write a lab report an hour before the deadline.

Practice playing games with classmates

No matter if you prefer to play online or with your friends side-by-side. Creating new communications with classmates and other students will not only improve your social skills but also improve your writing skills. You can gather to play a game and smoothly move to write reports and other academic papers side by side for better productivity.

Make writing lab reports as a game

If you and your classmates have a strong sense of competition, you can bet who will write lab reports or any other assignment quicker than other students. Make a prize fund for the winners or connect your teacher to the process.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, you have a variety of choices on how you can combine writing lab reports and playing your favorite games. Keep the balance between study and gaming to stay efficient at college and get a great kick out of life.

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