Enzyme PowerPoint Worksheet

ppt Questions

Enzyme Structure & Function

1. Most enzymes are what type of macromolecule?

2. Most enzymes are ______________ or ______________ structures.

3. Enzymes act as ___________ in reactions.

4. Are enzymes permanently changed in the chemical reactions they are involved in?

5. Will an enzyme work on any substance? Explain.


6. Can enzymes be reused?

7. What ending is found on many enzymes?

8. Give 3 examples of enzymes with this ending.


9. How does an enzyme work?


10. What effect does an enzyme have on activation energy needed to start a reaction?

11. Hydrogen peroxide H2O2 is a common waste product of cells. Enzymes called catalases in cells break this down into harmless ________________.

12. What is meant by the term substrate?


13. What is meant by active site?


14. Sketch and label the enzyme-substrate complex.



15. What is meant by induced fit?


16. What induces an enzyme to change the shape of its active site?

17. List 4 factors that can affect enzyme activity.


18. What is the effect of high temperature on an enzyme (running fever)?


19. What temperature do most enzymes do best at?

20. Most enzymes like a pH near ______________.

21. To denature an enzyme means the enzyme becomes _______________ and can no longer work properly.

22. Name 3 inorganic substances (cofactors) that are often needed for enzymes to work properly.


23. Give an example of an enzyme & its needed inorganic substance.


24. Give one example of an enzyme inhibitor.

25. Explain how competitive inhibitors work.



26. If a competitive inhibitor blocks the active site, the ____________ can’t fit.

27. Explain noncompetitive inhibitors. 



28. Do noncompetitive inhibitors bind to the active site? Explain.