Lab8 Requirements

Lab 8   Population Genetics Write Up


Read and summarize the lab introduction being sure to include both HW equations and what each variable stands for, explain what a population is and what type of population HW applies to, list and explain the 5 assumptions necessary for HW to be true, and be sure to give a brief description (not the procedures) for each of the 4 cases in the lab.


Use the objective (s) for the lab and write them into a single statement for your hypothesis.


In sentence form list the materials you will need including paper, pencil, PTC paper, index cards, and calculator.


Type 4 paragraphs, one for each case study. Remember to write in paragraph form without numbering steps.

Data & Analysis:

·        Include the 4 case study sheets with all calculations completed

·        Write out and answer the questions from your lab sheet. Remember to underline the question, but not the answer.

·        Write out and answer the questions at the end of Lab 8 in your lab manual.  Remember to underline the question, but not the answer.


·        Explain the effect each of the situations had on the allele frequencies and genotypic frequencies (include supporting data)

·        Explain why each condition could or could not actually occur in nature

·        Explain the effect natural selection has on recessive traits

·        Explain how the HW law helps determine whether evolution is occurring

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