Prefix-Suffix Worksheet

Prefix-Suffix Worksheet

Define the following terms using your prefix-suffix list.  Underline the prefix &/or suffix in each biological term.

Example:     THERMOMETER – therm means heat & meter means measure of so a thermometer is an instrument used to measure heat.

1. Biology 

2. Osteocyte

3. Dermatitis

4. Epidermis

5. Hematology

6. Herbicide

7. Neuritis

8. Protozoa

9. Carnivore

10. Polysaccharide

 11. Hypertension

 12. Hypodermic

 13. Macronucleus

 14. Pseudopod

 15. Intracellular

Using your prefix-suffix list, write the biological term for each of the following.
Example:   A bacteria killer – cide means killer so the term is bactericide.

16. White cell 

17. Outside skeleton

 18. Middle layer of the leaf

 19. Outside of the cell

 20. Study of animals

21. Study of form

 22. A one-celled organism

 23. A term describing an organism made up of many cells

 24. Green leaf

 25. Person that studies cells