Prelab Effect of Enzymatic Detergents



Prelab: How Good Is Your Enzymatic Detergent?


Day before lab:

Read the lab carefully and gather all needed materials. Mix gelatin in boiling water. Cool slightly and then pour into Pyrex test tubes (4 tubes per lab group).

Answer the following questions:

1. What is the purpose of enzymes?

2. What type of enzymes digest proteins?

3. Where do we get many of the enzymes found in our laundry detergents?

4. What type of “stains” should these enzymes remove from our clothing? Give an example of such a stain.

5. What are the subunits called that make up proteins?

6. What is gelatin?


7. How is gelatin prepared?


8. What is collagen and where is it found?


9. What detergents are being tested in this experiment?

10. Which of these detergents contains enzymes?