Puzzle Seed Plants


Seed Plants

Across 1. needed to break the dormancy of a seed so it will sprout 3. number of flower parts in dicots 5. leaf venation in monocots 6. have two seed leaves 9. young newly sprouted plant 12. example of a dicot 13. female part of a flowering plant 15. developing plant within a seed 16. cone bearing seed plants 17. includes pines and cedars 21. sprouting of a seed 24. shape of many conifer leaves 26. leaf venation in dicots 27. plant that loses its leaves at the end of its growingseason 29. flower producing seed plants 31. largest conifers 34. example of an angiosperm that is wind pollinated 35. seed leaves 36. have a single seed leaf 37. an African desert cone bearer with only two extremely long leaves 38. often help pollinate flowering plants Down 2. world’s largest flower 4. seeds of gymnosperms 7. number of flower parts found in monocots 8. plants with food and water conducting tissues 10. cone bearing desert shrub that produces a chemical used as a decongestant 11. another name for gymnosperms 14. scaly reproductive structure containing seeds in evergreens 18. food supply within a seed 19. example of a monocot 20. mobile sexual reproductive part of flowering plants 21. gymnosperm with fan shaped leaves native to China 22. gymnosperms with fern like leathery leaves on a short thick trunk 23. encloses and protects the seed of angiosperms 25. fossilized yellow resin from conifers that encases insects 28. state seeds are in when they aren’t growing 30. made mainly from conifers 32. largest phylum of plants 33. tough outer covering of a seed