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  1. Good Morning,

    My name is Emma Almaguer. I am a science teacher in Texas and was assigned to teach 9th grade Biology for the first time. Looking for resources I came across your website and would like to use some of your PowerPoint Presentations in class. I noticed your copyright message on your site. Given our situation with teaching being completely digital during this time, I would like to know If I can post a direct link to your website/powerpoint? I have not attempted to see if my students can download PowerPoint viewer, but if they can I would like to reference them by posting a direct link to your website on Google Classroom. This would be a supplemental content for students to view a certain presentation from time to time. However, I would first like to inquire if that is allowed without encountering copyright issues. Your response is greatly appreciated.


    Emma Almaguer
    Plano ISD

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