Scientific Method PPT Questions


Scientific Method
ppt Questions

Steps in the Scientific Method

1. Name the steps in the scientific method.


2. Explain a scientist’s first step in the scientific method.


3. Give an example of an observation that a scientist might make.


4.Scientists use their __________ to make observations.

5. What is a hypothesis?


6. A hypothesis must be _____________ and it __________ an outcome.

7. Some hypotheses are written as __________ statements. 

8. Write a hypothesis for the observation you wrote in question 3.


9. What is an experiment?


10. What part of an experiment is the variable?


11. How many variables should there be in a good experiment?

Controls and Variables

12.An experimenter changes ______ factor and then observes and _______ what happens.

13. Other factors in an experiment must be kept __________ so they won’t effect the ___________.

14. What are these constant factors called?

15. What is the purpose of having a control in an experiment?

16. Name the two types of variables in an experiment.

17. What is the independent variable?


18. What is the independent variable?


19. In the experiment to find the fastest route to school, what serves as:

     a. the independent variable?

     b. the dependent variable?

     c. the control variable?

20. The best experiments make __________ trials with the independent variable.

Valid Experiments

21. Name the two group needed to have a valid experiment.

22. What is data?

23. What are the two types of data?

24. If the data is numbers, this is called ____________ data.

25. To be useful, collected data must be _____________.

26. Name 3 ways of organizing data.

27. What is the conclusion of an experiment?


28. What must be done to verify the results of an experiment?


29.To solve a problem, you should _________ the problem and state _____________ you have made about it.

30. Next, you form a __________ or prediction and conduct an ____________ to test the prediction.

31. During an experiment, _________ must be collected and later ____________..

32. Finally, a scientist forms a ____________ based on your data.

33. To prove the experiment is correct, scientists ___________ their results.