Scientist Brochure Webquest


Famous Scientists Webquest


     The government needs a brilliant scientist to head its new department: The Scientific Masters of Applied Research and Technology (SMART). Using an amazing new technology, you can actually become another person with injections of their DNA! (This is “science fiction”!) You will be going on a job interview for this most prestigious job! You need to prepare for the interview by compiling an awesome brochure for your resume. After all interviews have been completed, the class will display the scientists who will potentially become the new National Director of SMART!

The Task

You are to create a brochure with information about your scientist. Below is a list of information you should include in the brochure:

  • educational background
  • previous job experience
  • special interests, hobbies
  • contributions to the scientific world
  • organization memberships
  • special honors awarded


     You may use internet resources as well as library resources to gather information about your men and women scientists.  Below is a list of helpful websites to use for your research:

The Process

     FIRST, you will choose one of the following scientific fields to research:

  • Biology

  • Environmental science

  • Zoology

NEXT, choose one scientist to research.  Print or write out the resume and complete the       information about your scientist.

Alice Catherine Evans
Stephen Jay Gould
Rosalind Franklin
Barbara McClintock
Lynn Harper
Myra Adele Logan
Angella Ferguson
Gertrude B. Elion

Rachel Carson
Aldo Leopold
Margaret Morse Nice
Dian Fossey
Jane Goodall
Eugenie Clark

    THEN, using the resume worksheet, complete the information as described below to assist you in completing your bibliography.

  • Name: (The name of the scientist you researched)

  • Country of Birth: (Where the scientist was born)

  • Date of Birth/Date of Death: (birthday and date deceased if applicable)

  • Education: (List the names of colleges attended and majors studied during college)

  • Job Experience: (List relevant job experience)

  • Awards Received: (What awards has your scientist received?)

  • Contributions to the Scientific World: (What has your scientist done help the world be a better place?)

  • Interests/Hobbies: (Scientists have other interests; list them if you can find what else they may be interested in)

  • Miscellaneous: (You may add any other interesting information to your biography such as books your scientist has written, memberships to scientific societies, etc.

    Finally, create a brochure (flyer) using the information from your scientist’s resume.  Be creative with the brochure and include pictures.

     How to make a brochure in Publisher