Second Semester Study Guide Bl


Second Semester Review 


Are animals autotrophs or heterotrophs? Explain.
What type of symmetry does a sea anemone have?
At which end of an animal is the tail located?
What supportive rod along the back do all chordates have at some time during their life?
How do sponges differ from all other animals?
How does a sponge obtain its food?
What hard, needle like structures are found in the walls of sponges?
Do all animal cells have cell walls? Explain.
In what phylum are squid & octopus found?
Name 4 animals that are classified as cnidarians.
What is the function of collar cells in sponges?
Are animals unicellular or multicellular organisms?
At which end of an animal is the head located?
What kind of symmetry do insects have?
Flatworms use what method to asexually reproduce?
Why do flatworms NOT need circulatory & respiratory systems?
What group of worms has a pseudocoelom?
What is the function of the radula in mollusks?
Which class of mollusks uses “jet propulsion” to move?
Describe torsion in gastropod mollusks.
Give several examples of appendages in arthropods.
Describe the body of all arthropods.
Describe the appendages of all arthropods.
In what group are clamworms found?
Name 3 main classes of mollusks.
What muscles open & close bivalve mollusks?
What makes up the exoskeleton of arthropods?
Name 4 members of the class Crustacea.
What group of animals has 3 body regions & 6 legs?
How do insects benefit agricultural crops?
Name 4 characteristics of all chordates.
In what order are amphibians without tails found?
From what structure in fish did jaws probably arise?
List 4 examples of echinoderms.
What structure in fish filters wastes from blood?
The urinary bladder & kidneys in fish make up what system?
Where are shark eggs fertilized?
What does “Agnatha” mean?
What does “Chondrichthyes” mean?
Describe caecilians.
Name 4 things used by sharks to detect their prey.
What type of symmetry do echinoderms have?
Why do most amphibians have thin, moist skin?
What does “amphibian” mean?
Describe development in placental mammals.
Where is the diaphragm found in mammals?
Name a reptilian characteristic found in birds.
What covers the body of birds?
What covers the body of reptiles?
Describe a reptile’s skin.
Are reptiles ectotherms or endotherms? Explain.
Where are the chorion & amnion found?
How many chambers does a bird’s heart have?
What adaptation of reptiles allowed them to live & reproduce on land?
How many chambers does the heart of most reptiles have?
How many chambers does the heart of mammals have?
Which group of vertebrates has a diaphragm & what is its function?
Are mammals endotherms or ectotherms?
Name 3 groups of ectothermic vertebrates.