secrets of straight-a students

  1. Set priorities. There is no interruption of study time with TV, phone calls, snacks, etc.
  2. Study anywhere or everywhere. Keep a regular time everyday for studying and utilize extra time at work or play to study.
  3. Get organized. Keep an organized planner and notebook with all assignments and an organized study area with all supplies. Make sure to have all assignments and needed materials with you each time you go to class.
  4. Learn how to read. The secret of good reading is to be an “active reader.”
  5. Schedule your time. Procrastination is a student’s best enemy.  Don’t wait to the last minute to complete assignments or to study.
  6.   Take good notes – And use them! Always read the chapter, but listen and copy notes in class and then reread and recopy your notes each day.
  7.  Clean up your act. Neat assignments are more likely to get higher grades than sloppy ones.
  8. Speak up. Participate in class by asking questions and showing intellectual curiosity.
  9.  Study together.
  10. Test yourself. Make up and answer possible test questions or write out answers to chapter objectives.
  11. Do more than you are asked. Part of learning is practicing and the more you practice, the more you learn.

The most important ‘secret’ of the super-achievers is not so secret.  For almost all straight-A students, the contribution of their parents is crucial …Parents impress the lesson of responsibility on their kids.