Sponge & Cnidarian Study Guide

Study guide for Sponge, Cnidarians, & Ctenophores

·         Know relatives of the jellyfish
·         How are sponges different from other animals
·         Know characteristics of all invertebrates
·         Know characteristics of sponges
·         What is the function of collar cells in sponges
·         What are spicules
·         Know characteristics of adult sponges
·         Be able to explain skeletal support of sponges
·         How do sponges obtain their food
·         What helps draw water into a sponge
·         What is the function of amebocytes in sponges
·         How does excess water leave a sponge
·         What is the purpose of gemmules in sponges
·         What is a hermaphrodite
·         How can sponges reproduce
·         Know animals that capture prey by using nematocysts
·         What are the 2 distinct life stages of cnidarians
·         Describe nematocysts
·         What organisms have tentacles with stinging cells
·         Know examples of cnidarians
·         Describe the life of a planula larva
·         Know the life stage that is dominant in sea anemones
·         What organisms would be anthozoans
·         Know the dominant life stage of jellyfish
·         Know the main characteristics of ctenophores