Successful AP Biology Student


The Successful Biology Student:
  1. Realizes this is a fast-paced course so they have excellent attendance.
  2. Is never late.
  3. Always has their textbook, notebook, lab book, pencil, … when they come to class.
  4. Let’s the teacher know ahead of time when they will miss for a doctor’s appointment or school trip.
  5. Makes certain that all assignments, labs, projects, and reports are completed on time.
  6. Schedules tests & labs to be made up after school when they return from an absence.
  7. Does not miss an excessive number of class periods for school trips.
  8. Keeps track of their grade.
  9. Always reads every lab before that lab day.
  10. Reads and recopies lecture notes and keeps them in an organized notebook.
  11. Reads all chapters before lecture.
  12. Reviews all chapters and notes each day.
  13. Asks questions in class.
  14. Utilizes the computer tutorials that supplement each unit of study.
  15. Pays attention in class.
  16. Keeps neat & accurate lab data to be organized in lab reports.
  17. Follows all instructions for projects & collections.