The Best Student Discoveries in Biology

There are many of them to consider, so let’s take the time to discover some of the most famous! If you have browsed through Quora or Reddit at least once by looking for student discoveries that are worth thousands of approvals, you might have heard of Simon Kaschock-Marenda and his famous discovery that helped to create an insecticide that would not be toxic for human beings. It works as a constant reminder that shows us that even middle school students can make it big and help the world! 

When Things Are Safe For Humans

Considering that it started as a middle school science assignment, it continued with the discovery of a sweetener that could be easily located in most grocery stores. Simon had good support from his father, a Biology professor at the famous Drexel University, which made it possible to research things and keep faith in what was focused on the artificial sweeteners and the fruit flies! It was all about erythritol, which was the ingredient that made the discovery possible! It is safe to say that Simon gave the world a safer alternative when dealing with small-sized areas. 

Helping People With Hearing Problems 

The worst part with hearing aids is the use of the batteries that always run out. Meet Ethan Manuell, a teenager from Minnesota who didn’t even realize that his school Science Fair project would become an important breakthrough. He only thought about avoiding failure and getting the best grade possible. As a student in the eighth grade, he was looking for an idea that would be socially important and different compared to other projects that were on offer. He only had old battery-powered toys and the batteries that were used for his hearing aid. As a result, he found a way to extend the life of hearing aid batteries (zinc-based) by at least 85 percent! It was all about removing the plastic tab that could be found at the back of the battery. Manuel tested things and found out that five minutes were the precise amount needed to save the battery life! 

The Secrets of a Bumblebee 

Meet the young students from the Blackawton Primary School in England! This group of students who were aged from 8 to 10 made quite a discovery and became the youngest authors to grace the pages of an academic journal dealing with Biology. The research is related to the flower selection habits that are followed by the bees. The local churchyard has been chosen as the testing ground. The results have been taken as notes by the students and provided interesting information as the youngsters found out that bumblebees use a complex combination of color and various spatial bonds to decide on the color of a flower before they land on it and use it. It also made it clear that the bumblebees turn to an advanced level of analysis as they work on their surroundings. Now, if you are a young student who wants to publish something as well and get the writing polished and corrected, why not approach an essay writing service online and ask for help with editing or proofreading? It’s also a great way to make things look better and learn more as you study with a trained expert and keep things original, avoiding plagiarism risks! 

Mastering Anemone Biology

Sometimes you only have to get closer to nature by entering the natural habitat for your school project. It is exactly what happened to the middle school students at Dedham in Maine. It was an innovative project since the children were supervised by a group of Vanderbilt University professors via Skype. There was an experiment dealing with metridium (a type of sea anemone). It has been collected from the harbor in the local area. The research has unfolded the presence of sulfilimine bonds as the structure of the sea creature has been observed. In the majority of cases, this type of bond is found only in mammals and is not so common in organisms that are simple in their structure. The students also discovered the ways how the creatures like starfish would regrow their limbs and an assumption has been made that it could be possible to help our heroes of the war in the future. As you study a Biology process with marine creatures, you can explore the subject of bonding cells and see if you can make a discovery as well as it’s one of the most innovative research subjects to consider! 

Joshua Meier’s Discovery 

The students in this particular school in New Jersey do not get homework and can experiment and research freely. After all, it’s exactly what helps students to achieve success and work on original ideas that they may have. Now the young Joshua Meier decided to explore the reasons why we can observe the rapid aging processes in the stem cells that are generated artificially. It was discovered that there’s a lack of at least one-third of their DNA, which is what causes the fast aging process. The great discovery was that the control of the mitochondrial DNA levels by using the deletion method could slow the aging process down. Joshua saw it as an opportunity to find a treatment against cancer. The boy thought of reversing the process and stopping the cancer cells from growing. Once again, it shows how important it is to offer students enough freedom to research! 

The Importance of TEDx Videos

As we can see, even middle school students could discover interesting things in the field of Biology because they were feeling inspired and motivated by their projects and the teachers behind them. If you want to make a discovery as a student and need more information, Biology is one of those sciences that is mastered much better when you have a good example. While you can browse through YouTube and enter various keywords regardings the subjects that interest you, a far more efficient way is to approach TEDx videos on Biology and spend at least 30 minutes a day exploring. These are mostly led by acknowledged professors in Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, or Healthcare, so you can learn from the best and find inspiration and suggestions as to where and how to explore things even further! 


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