High School Biology Club

Biology Club Officers 2009-2010  

Biology Club Members 2009-2010

Agrama, Hoda (Vice-President)Hildebrand, Ivy (Treasurer)Osby, Tanisha
Amos, Candace (Secretary)Jones, CarleeRagland, Morgan
Blankenship, BenKnowles, BriaRodriguez, Taylor
Coleman, AshtonLaw, Garrett (President)Rogers, Maggie
Daughtery, MackenzieLockwood, AaronScheiderer, Julia
Dickson, KayleeLongnecker, KristinaSchroeder, Mallory
Downey, StephanieMaier, MarleeShook, Clay (Parliamentarian)
Duncan, HaleyMcPherson, KelbieSites, Alan
Flake, DarbiMiller, KodyStone, Allison
Galloway, RebeccaMorrow, AmberWard, Hayden
Gill, MorganMosley, HannahWehner, Adelae (Reporter)
Heard, BriannaNolan, Mary CarolineWofford, Genique
Henderson, JalynOrsburn, LoriannZeman, Alyssa

Biology Club Officers 2007 – 2008

President – Elizabeth Blankenship
Vice-President – Lauren Nobles
Secretary – Hannah Bushy
Treasurer – Brock Sullivan
Reporter – Chase Curtis
Club Sponsor – Cheryl Massengale

Sophomores find Homecoming Spirit Stick!!!

Biology Club Officers 2006-2007

Biology Club Members 2007

Barnett, Emily Blankenship, Elizabeth Bledsoe, Amber Bronson, Heather Brown, Virginia Burkett, Laura Bushey, Hannah Chase, Curtis Cotton, Brittany Criner, Kylen Dabbs, Michael Early, Joseph Engelkes, Lauren Felts, Morgan Ferguson, Leamber Fields, Ashton Galloway, Rachael Glover, Ashley Hancock, Alisha Henderson, Tyler Hill, Kaceshus Liu, Sijia Longnecker, Callie McGraw, Shelby Meador, Jordan Morris, Rachel Nobles, Lauren Parker, Taryn Pitts, Tyra Ponder, Brittney Rankin, Chris Senko, Lydia Shook, Steven Simmons, Shelby Sites, Ashley Spicer, Hannah Sullivan, Brock Winfrey, Karissa Worstell, Nolan

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Winning Pumpkin 2004 Sarah Barnett Christen Proctor Clark Moore Jett Jones

Winning Pumpkin 2006 Christen Proctor Jenny Cherara Amy Ayers

More Pumpkins!

Razorback – Go Hogs!

“Plankton” from Sponge Bob

Archive Photos

Biology Club Bylaws

 Article 1  –  Membership

Section 1:

Membership shall be open to students at Stuttgart High School.  Said students must be enrolled in an AP or PreAP  high school biology course. Students must also pay yearly club membership fees and participate in the club’s yearly, money-making project.

Section 2:

Privileges of membership shall include participation in all Stuttgart High School Biology Club meetings and events. 

Section 3: 

Termination of membership may occur if a member moves from the district, fails to pay annual membership fees, or graduates from high school.

Article 2  – Officer Duties

Section 1:  

Biology Club officers will be composed of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, & reporter from the Biology Club.  President and Vice president must be a junior or senior.

Section 2:  

Selection of the officers will be by election by club members with officers meeting the following criteria:

  • Current membership dues paid ·
  • Submission of ideas for activities and projects for the current year

Section 3: 

  • Biology Club officers duties will include:
  • Setting the agenda for meetings
  • Presiding over meetings
  • Supervising activities and projects of the club
  • Recording & reporting minutes of meetings
  • Keeping records of debits & credits to the Biology Club account
  • Writing articles for the newspaper

Article 3 – Order of Business

Section 1: 

The order of business at regular meetings of the Stuttgart High School Biology.League shall be as follows:

  • Call meeting to order
  • Reading of minutes
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Unfinished Business
  • New Business
  • Adjournment

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